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The ReturnPath Career Coaching Package

Jan 19, 2017 - Mar 31, 2017

Take Charge of Your career in 2017
Own Your Career:  Make Your Job a Calling

                  Empowering You to Change Your Life at Work through the Science of Discovering “Your True North”
The Package Offering
  • Includes two career coaching sessions of 50 minutes each. Assignments in between sessions to Clarify your Strengths, Gifts and Talents and create a Path Forward, one 20 minute follow-up touch base session to ensure success and follow-through! 

  • By phone, Skype or in person (Sue can come to you at the Broomfield office, and is frequently in the Bay area) 

  • Sue will help you assess your current career direction and opportunites

  • Together you and Sue will create a Career Success Plan
  •  â€¨The Problem We Solve Together 

•More than 70% of American employees are disengaged at work (Gallup) a percentage that has changed very little in more than a decade. Stable careers are a thing of the past. Adults now hold an average of 11 jobs by the time they turn 44 years old--and the median number of years people have worked for their current employer is just 4.4
  • Uninspired work and constant career change is the norm, with people at all career stages asking themselves questions like "How can I find more meaning in my work?" and "What path should I take now?”The Pay Off (Benefits)
  • Learn strategies for catapulting your career to the next level
  • Build a tool-kit of elevator speeches, strength assessments and clarity of vision; create powerful presence 

  • Fulfillment, energy and greater earning power
About Sue... 

  • Sue Jordan-Kertzner is a Master Certified Career Coach and founder of ChoicePoint Coaching in Boulder, Colorado. She has lived the experience of creating a fulfilling work life for herself and has guided over 1,000 clients to career satisfaction