Leadership Development Courses

Collaborative Leadership (originally Mastering Personal Leadership created for General Electric)

This powerful and effective developmental program is designed to help leaders understand how "who they are" drives what they do and the impact they have. This program focuses on integrating self, relational and team awareness. Its focus is on discovering and releasing one's authentic leadership. Ralph Waldo Emerson captures the spirit of this seminar; "Who you are speaks so loudly I can hardly hear what you are saying."

Companies facing transitions, businesses "reinventing themselves," and organizations working in new competitive challenges will benefit from sending participants. Through refined self- awareness, leaders learn to embody and model the changes they are seeking to effect in their organizations. Our approach works from the inside out: with enhanced self-understanding, participants focus on a proven model of leadership success and create actionable strategies to deliver exceptional leadership results.

Program topics include:

  • Clarify and fully "own" your values so as to create a powerful link between personal
  • purpose and a larger sense of team and organizational purpose.
  • Learn to facilitate potent conversations that build organization alignment and produce exceptional results.
  • Identify and understand the role that mental models play in determining leadership effectiveness.
  • Learn how to work with your emotions to avoid producing unintended, unwanted consequences.
  • Engage others in a meaningful purpose that inspires and motivates everyone.
  • Design a work effort using three dimensions of success - task, relationship and process.
  • Build and lead high performing teams.
  • Create a "learning" culture.

Who Should Attend:
Mid-Senior level Leaders of teams and/or cross-functional initiatives.

This program is a delivered in two three-day sessions in conjunction with monthly coaching calls for a six-month period. (The course may be customized into a one-week format with follow-up tele-class sessions.)

Leadership approaches of the past have contributed to the current economic, social and political landscape. They have also led to leaders who may have achieved short-term economic success, but created long-term unintended consequences in their personal and organizational life. This intensive workshop goes beyond 'what' leaders do and 'how' they do it to explore 'who' I am as a leader. This workshop is intended for leaders who consider personal inner work of primary significance to their leadership effectiveness and who are seeking a more authentic experience and expression of themselves as leaders.

Program topics include:

  • Initiation into more authentic expression.
  • Increased alignment with one's true nature and purpose.
  • Integration of disowned aspects of self.
  • Understanding various 'identities' that impact one's leadership.
  • Moving beyond the limits of personality to foster greater inspiration and innovation.
  • Developing and maintaining a creative orientation to life.
  • Seeing leadership as service.
  • Powerful practices to support evolution into one's full power and natural leadership.

Who Should Attend:
Leaders at all levels seeking increased authenticity and life alignment around their "purpose".

Three-day in-person session, followed by individual phone coaching sessions over a 3-6 month timeframe.

Achieve Personal Mastery and you get to the heart of creativity, innovation and learning. It generates the ability to create the results that you desire. It involves focusing on what is most important to you (in your business and/or personal life) and telling the truth about your current reality.

When we connect to what is truly most important to us personally and professionally - our vision - we gain a greater sense of commitment to act and produce meaningful results. At the same time, if we don't understand the nature of current reality, we're likely to take action that is not grounded. Inc. Magazine reports most new ventures fail not for lack of vision but rather for the inability to accurately assess current reality.
Program topics include:

  • Assessing current reality including deeply held beliefs.
  • Mastering creative tension vs. emotional/psychological tension.
  • Establishing a powerful vision.
  • How to make powerful choices.
  • How to automatically redirect negative thoughts and feelings.

Who Should Attend:
Individual contributors, new to mid-level leaders who seek to drive their careers through the power of a clear vision"”and support others in doing the same"” and manage successfully to goals, both individual and team.

One or two-day in-person session, followed by one tele-class follow-up session.

Once we have achieved a level of success in work and in our role as a leader, we often become more acutely aware of the gap between our vision of what is possible"”for ourselves as individuals and for the organizations we serve"”and the seeming constraints of organizational and human dynamics. We become intrigued with the notion that more is possible and that there may be tacit assumptions and subtle beliefs that are limiting our horizons.

In these circles, fellow adventurers come together who are committed to taking their own journey and their contribution to "the larger whole" to a significantly higher and deeper level.

Program topics include:

  • Understanding and leveraging your unique Leadership 'Presence'.
  • Fully owning and evolving your Strengths, Gifts and Talents.
  • Developing audacious 10X Commitments that push the horizons of your professional and personal vision.
  • Holding ourselves and each other accountable for harvesting these commitments.
  • Potent, authentic communication that blends the power of logic (mind) and emotional intelligence (heart).
  • Experiencing an engaged community of support and co-creative learning.

Who Should Attend:
Executives, Mid-Senior level leaders seeking to align their work lives and their sense of personal mission.

Four two-day in-person gatherings every other month, followed by one 2-hour conference call in between each in-person meeting.

Leadership in a complex innovative age requires the ability to see clearly, understand deeply and act swiftly. One, often undervalued, resource we have to meet this challenge is the power of our awareness. Too often, we get overwhelmed by complexity, inundated with data and fixed points of view. Through the power of awareness, we transform how we think, feel and make sense of the world. The development of both mental complexity and deep empathy will facilitate decisions that are bold, decisive and inclusive.

The question becomes how to cultivate the power of awareness. Nearly everything we've learned how to do (i.e. working on a computer, cooking, designing a product) involves a learning process with (hopefully) clear operating instructions. The same is true with working with our awareness.

In this course, The Creative Mind @ Work, participants will be introduced to operational instructions that have tested for over the past 2,500 years in how to utilize mind/awareness to create greater fulfillment and positive outcomes

Through recent scientific advancements coupled with ancient traditions, more and more people in all walks of life, including business, health care, education and even politics, are discovering the beneficial effects of the practice of mindfulness, the indispensable characteristic of awareness.

Participants in The Creative Mind @ Work will understand the function of mindfulness as an inherent quality of their own experience.

This inherent quality can be enhanced to:

  • Create more openness to the environment and ourselves
  • Suspend quick judgements
  • Avoid getting hooked into emotional entanglements
  • See multiple of points without getting caught in endless discussion
  • Empathize deeply with what is taking place
  • Connect with their deeper sense of intuition and wisdom
  • Thus, facilitating more innovative, dynamic solutions

Program topics include:

  • How mindfulness works
  • Understanding the science of mind
  • The distinction between mindlessness and mindfulness
  • Understanding the pitfalls of mind wandering, emotional distractions, unfocused conversations and fixations on our opinions
  • The role of mindfulness in individual and group interactions
  • How to develop a mindfulness practice to develop one's awareness
  • How to create the conditions that facilitates 'creative mind'/innovation to come forward
  • How mindfulness connects us to our source of inspiration and creativity

Who Should Attend:
Leaders at all levels seeking to learn about and incorporate the practice of mindfulness at work.

One and a half days of in-class training which includes daily practice and optional one-on-one mindfulness coaching.

Program Overview
Have you ever struggled to provide difficult feedback to a direct report? Do you find it difficult to raise a tough topic with your manager? Would you like to be able to transform conflict with a peer into a productive conversation?  Do you lead a team where you are seeking more innovative, creative solutions?
In this dynamic and interactive course, participants are introduced to the key tools and elements that facilitate masterful conversations while preserving important relationships. Masterful Conversations helps you learn the core skills and mindsets necessary for initiating and leading a difficult conversation.
Participants gain an understanding of:

  • Balancing advocacy and inquiry

  • The ladder of inference

  • Practice using reflective listening

  • Emotional triggers and their impact on conversations

  • Empathy with another person's strong feelings while not agreeing/disagreeing with the other"s point of view

  • Managing one's own judgments and strong feelings and transforming those for productive purposes in the conversation

Masterful Conversations workshops typically include the following modules
Understanding Mental Models
Examines the subjective values and assumptions that inform one"s diverse moral reasoning and partisan perceptions. 
External Skills and Behaviors
Focuses on what we say and do when we communicate.
Left-Hand Column Case
Familiarizes participants with patterns of emotional and defensive dynamics in conversation.
Role Reversal Exercise
Studying a real conversation from the perspective of the other person.
Redesigning the Left-Hand Column Case
Examining the driving dynamics, assumptions, and filters one brings to a difficult conversation.
Managing Our Own Feelings in Conversation
Exercises to expand participants" self-knowledge of feelings and provide strategies for maintaining equilibrium in conversation.
Managing Other"s Feelings in Conversation
Exploring the practice of empathy through role-playing.
Who Should Attend
Individual contributors, teams, team leaders, anyone interested in mastering difficult conversations.
The class is a 2-day program. There is the option for follow-up teleconferences and/or coaching to integrate the material.

Self aware leaders know their strengths and weaknesses. They have a deep sense of purpose and values and bring it to their work. They are aware what triggers their negative impulses and how to stay centered and constructive in face of these "triggers."

Social aware leaders sense other people's feelings and perspectives. They accurately assess the underlying interests of key stakeholders and the forces that shape their views. Understanding differing styles, temperaments and viewpoints become critical skills in working well with others.

Team aware leaders understand how to create a space where groups can tap into and fully utilize its collective wisdom. They engage the creativity, experience and commitment of a diverse team. They know how to organize and work with others.

“Not only did they motivate and leave me with lifelong leadership skills, but I was surprised and thankful for all the things they taught me about myself. I could not have had a more quality experience."

"”Greg Hopkins
Executive Vice President, Stream Global Services