Leadership Development

Conscious leadership is our hallmark. It trains leaders to be both self-aware and capable of understanding others. Once this is achieved they are better able to facilitate a working environment where groups can tap into and fully utilize the collective intelligence.

Teams and groups of people who must be able to work together learn how to move beyond competitive individualism towards a deeper community where creative intelligence and wisdom flow through and inspire the entire group.

ChoicePoint specializes in understanding current leadership theory and making it practical in the workplace. Teaching theory is the easy part. Making it practical requires establishing true authenticity on behalf of everyone. And that is our expertise.

To achieve this goal ChoicePoint offers a variety of training programs all of which can be tailored to a client's specific needs. For more information, please view our course offerings.

“I don"t want to read all of “Emotional Intelligence". I want to know how do I take the concepts that are in there and apply them every day in a very high stress, high impact environment that needs this kind of work. And that"s what ChoicePoint does. They figure out how to fit it in the system in a way that doesn"t feel laborious, doesn"t feel complex, and doesn"t require a Ph.D."

"”Anna Meyer, HR Director
Quicken Health Group, Intuit

“ChoicePoint has an adept ability to maneuver in sensitive waters, particularly with senior folks, and get around resistance. That"s what ChoicePoint can bring to any organization."

"”Chris Rimer, Director
Global Alliances