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Masterful Conversations - CA

Oct 8, 2015 - Oct 9, 2015

Masterful Conversations
October 8 & 9; Palo Alto, California

Program Overview
Have you ever struggled to provide difficult feedback to a direct report? Do you find it difficult to raise a tough topic with your manager? Would you like to be able to transform conflict with a peer into a productive conversation?  Do you lead a team where you are seeking more innovative, creative solutions?
In this dynamic and interactive course, participants are introduced to the key tools and elements that facilitate masterful conversations while preserving important relationships. Masterful Conversations helps you learn the core skills and mindsets necessary for initiating and leading a difficult conversation.
Participants gain an understanding of:
  • Balancing advocacy and inquiry
  • The ladder of inference
  • Practice using reflective listening
  • Emotional triggers and their impact on conversations
  • Empathy with another person's strong feelings while not agreeing/disagreeing with the other’s point of view
  • Managing one's own judgments and strong feelings and transforming those for productive purposes in the conversation
Masterful Conversations workshops typically include the following modules
Understanding Mental Models
Examines the subjective values and assumptions that inform one’s diverse moral reasoning and partisan perceptions. 
External Skills and Behaviors
Focuses on what we say and do when we communicate.
Left-Hand Column Case
Familiarizes participants with patterns of emotional and defensive dynamics in conversation.
Role Reversal Exercise
Studying a real conversation from the perspective of the other person.
Redesigning the Left-Hand Column Case
Examining the driving dynamics, assumptions, and filters one brings to a difficult conversation.
Managing Our Own Feelings in Conversation
Exercises to expand participants’ self-knowledge of feelings and provide strategies for maintaining equilibrium in conversation.
Managing Other’s Feelings in Conversation
Exploring the practice of empathy through role-playing.
Who Should Attend
Individual contributors, teams, team leaders, anyone interested in mastering difficult conversations.
The class is a 2-day program. There is the option for follow-up teleconferences and/or coaching to integrate the material.

$1095 per participant

Please REGISTER FIRST with Susan Jordan Kertzner or call 303-579-9315

Once you receive an email confirmation, you can then use PayPal for your course fees.