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Discover the 5 Simple Steps to CONFIDENTLY Double Your Coaching Fees (And Find Clients Who Will Pay It), So That You Can Increase Your Income, Expand Your Impact, and Feel More Confident As A Life Coach!

I remember when I walked into my first coaching client session, I was petrified! I could not fathom how I would add any value to a 43 year old professional female! She asked me to be the "coach from hell" with her and I was stymied (that was not my style!).

So I took a deep breath, found my courage, and within just one hour together, we had brought her radiance out so that she could compose a fulfilling life by simply clearing away some underbrush that was blocking her best and truest self. 

My courage - that was all it took for her to become a long-term client; the first of many. 

How would you like to crush that new coach fear, be your most courageous self, and create a consistent flow of coaching clients who are dying to pay anything just to work with you?

You can have that right now when you follow these 5 Simple Steps To Confidently Command Your Value And Create A Consistent Flow of High-Paying Clients:

Step 1: Get Clear And Honest With Yourself About The Value You Bring

The best way to do this is to inventory your past successes. Here's an exercise: Close your eyes and remember a time when you were at your best, you were in a flow state, as if you and the task you were involved in were completely merged. Bring up the memories vividly, like stepping into a movie set of your life. What do you see, hear, or experience? Write it all down. This is you at your best. Do you feel how powerful you are?

Now let’s take it a step further. I want you to discover how others see your gifts too. Right now, identify 3 people who know you well and reach out to them to schedule a time to talk (I recommend choosing past coaching clients if possible). In that time together, ask them questions like “What would you say are my top strengths? Do you recall a time when I demonstrated a particular talent? What do you see as my natural gifts?”

Step 2:  Write a Coach Mission Statement

A mission statement is a great way to condense into just a few sentences all of the value you always promise to deliver to your clients, as a reminder to you - and as a manifesto to your clients - of the gifts you bring to the table. This statement should be simple and concise (3-5 sentences are best) and it should focus on why coaching with you makes a difference, specifically in terms of what problem you solve and the outcomes you create for your clients. 

I suggest beginning by utilizing the information you gathered from the interviews above, even using your coaching clients own words when possible (how cool would that be?). 

Step 3:  Imagine Your Ideal Future as a Coach

The old adage applies here, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will do!" 
Here’s an exercise to help you get crystal clear on what you want your future to look like as a coach, for yourself and for your clients: First, find a quiet spot. 

Good. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine waking in the morning breeze, feeling that spark of motivation to begin your work day and touch your client’s lives. Allow yourself to see the people you are helping. Notice the smiles on their faces. Feel how they hug you to say “Thank you” for the impact you’ve had on their lives. Listen as they tell you all about how difficult things were when they first came to you… and how different and amazing their lives are now. 

Now that you see how you’ve impacted so many people’s lives, let’s see how this has changed your life too. Picture what your office looks like. Are you working with any colleagues and sharing a common space or are you working solo from home or in a private office? What do you see has changed about your life? What new things have you bought? What vacations are you planning? Picture it all!

When you’re done marinating in the success of your future, open your eyes and journal about everything you saw, heard, or felt. 

Step 4: Prioritize Coaching with the Rest of Your Life.   

It's important that you see your coaching success as feeding and enlivening all dimensions of your life. Start by building on the visualization exercise in the step 3. Go out one year in time in your imagination and see the full blown vision of the life you want with coaching as one key element. Capture words that describe your ideal life in the following areas: spouse or significant other, family, friends, living space, health, quality of life and finances. Create a collage that represents your Ideal Life one year from today. Use magazine clippings or internet images to bring your ideal vision to life.

Step 5: Identify Your Blocks and Underlying Beliefs To Create a Shift of Dominance to New, Empowering Beliefs

Right now, write 3 true stories of starting out wanting something in your life and ending up without it. You may use a simple storyboard format or flow diagram to make this quicker and easier if you choose. Identify the critical 'step' where things started to derail and ask yourself, "What would a person have to believe in order to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory in that way?" 

Your answer would be one of your limiting beliefs. There's no shame in having them! We all do! 

A wonderful coaching client of mine named Erin was a Ph.D. Scientist working at a government agency. She was weary of the bureaucracy and of being the only female in the department. Erin did the storyboard process and discovered that she was limiting herself with the belief that she needed years of coach training or a degree in psychology to hang out her shingle. Once this belief was identified, she was able to turn it around to create a new empowering belief that allowed for her to acknowledge her leadership skills, skill in conflict resolution, and counseling. She allowed this new belief to carry her confidently into beginning work she now loves! (and you can do that too)

You CAN have a robust coaching business that creates impact, earns you a great living, and allows you to live a balanced, fulfilled life! You CAN command your value. 

Because your value is limitless. Most of us have learned to take our dreams down to size and limit what we think is possible. Yet I know, you - yes, you! - you cannot fail. Take the first step and register for my Free Webinar: “Discover the 5 Simple Steps to CONFIDENTLY Double Your Coaching Fees, Expand Your Impact, and Feel More Confident As A Life Coach!”