Susan Jordan Kertzner

Over the last 20 years I have coached hundreds of individuals including CEO"s, corporate officers, Directors and mid-level managers. The majority of my clients are corporate including contracts with GE, Gartner, Motorola, Intuit and Time- Warner Telecom.

My coaching engagements always begin with a “learning gap""”some discrepancy between the vision the client holds for himself and/or his organization and the current state. Utilizing 360 surveys, qualitative interviews and/or performance goals & reviews, we begin by clearly articulating the gap. We create a Development Plan from there. I also focus on career development and life purpose issues, utilizing the principles of Personal Mastery.

My approach to coaching posits that whatever our role in our organization-leader, team member, internal change agent-skills in difficult conversation, inquiry, self-awareness and team/organization learning help to evoke potent change in individuals.

Meeting my clients “where they are" is a crucial element of my coaching. I seek to blend my real world management experience, insight gleaned from over 20 years of experience and a tool kit that is broad and deep to help clients create truly meaningful results in all aspects of their lives.

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“Sue delves into what really makes you tick, what drives you, what you are working toward in life, what things you"re not working toward. That"s a very unusual stance to open with."


“She brings a sensitivity to where a person is. She is able to find creative ways for that person to learn and to hear feedback that maybe isn"t what is wanted"”but she finds a way to make it palatable and to make it motivational and to frame it in the world of work."